Something notices

IT IS AGREED as follows :-
1) KL Baby Gear Rental has agreed to rent and the Renter has agreed to take a rental of
the equipment(s) upon the terms and conditions hereinafter appearing.

2) Method of Payment :
Banking online transfer and/or cash ONLY. The Renter shall pay to the KL Baby Gear
Rental the full amount of rent before the delivery of rental equipment(s) and order is
only confirmed once the full payment has been made.

3) Deposit :
The Renter shall deposit with the KL Baby Gear Rental with a certain pre-set amount as
a security deposit and such said amount shall be refundable to the Renter on the due
expiration of the rental term and upon satisfaction of inspection of the rental
equipment(s).KL Baby Gear Rental reserved the right to forfeit full or part of the deposit
amount in the event that the rental equipment(s) is damaged or require excessive
cleaning and sanitizing (baby stools, evidence of vomiting, spills and etc) depending on
the severity of the damages or impurities caused on the rental equipment(s).

4) Damages :
To keep and return the rental equipment(s) in good condition and proper working order
(fair wear and tear excepted). Renter is fully responsible for the loss, theft and
destruction of the rental equipment(s) from all causes. The Renter shall make good at
the Renter’s own cost and expense for any defect/damages caused by the Renter’s use
of the said rental equipment(s) or to pay to KL Baby Gear Rental a fair market value of
the said rental equipment(s).

5) Delivery, Pick Up, and Self-Collect:
The KL Baby Gear Rental’s team will work directly with the Renter with regards to the
delivery and pick up location and times via telephone call or WhatsApp messaging. The
Renter is responsible to provide complete and accurate information regarding the
delivery and pick up address and contact. The self-collect option is also provided.

6) Delivery Fees :
There will be a delivery charges apply for every order confirmed.

7) Extension of Rental Period :
The Renter may extend the rental period by notifying the KL Baby Gear Rental within 48
hours prior to the originally scheduled pick up time and there will be an additional
charge for the extension of the rental period. Nonetheless, the KL Baby Gear Rental
reserves the right to refuse the requested additional rental period.

8) Cancellation of Services :
The Renter is only entitles a refund of 50% of the applicable charges if cancellation is
made two days before the delivery date. If cancellation is made the day before or day of
delivery, the KL Baby Gear Rental reserves the right to forfeit 100% of the applicable

9) The Renter reserve the right to forfeit the deposit up to RM50 as cancellation fee.

10) Limitations of Liability :
The Renter expressly agree that the use of rental equipment(s) is at the Renter’s own
sole risk. The KL Baby Gear Rental shall no be hold to liable with regards to injury
sustained, disability or death resulting from the use of misuse of the rental
equipment(s). The Renter fully awares of the risks associated with the use and safety


concerns of each rental equipment(s)